Cool Videos: Channing Tatum dresses as Elvis to prank regular folks

Las Vegas is the only place in America where you can gorge yourself on an all-you-can-eat buffet with an Elvis impersonator while getting a lap dance at a strip joint located right behind a Wal-Mart. That sounds undoubtedly awesome, but it would of course be better if you got to do it all with Channing Tatum right beside you. Why? Because it would, and Tatum agrees, which is why he dressed up like Elvis Presley to prank people. Well he also did to raise awareness for an Omaze campaign he’s doing for charity, for which you can donate to and enter to win a chance to hang out with Tatum in Vegas and catch the new show, MAGIC MIKE LIVE. Tatum makes a pretty good Elvis, even though at the end he gets called out on the pretty obvious disguise. Now if he really wanted to make it a good disguise he should've done 70's Elvis, gained 100 pounds and got really winded after doing any physical movement.  Check it out below!



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