Cool Videos: Check out the suprisingly epic and badass trailer for the Pakistani pic Waar

The least likely market you'd expect to produce a big-budget action pic is Pakistan. Okay, so maybe that's not the least likely, but it's up there. However, director Bilal Lashari has been putting together his film WAAR for a few years now and after a delay in release the film seems to finally be moving forward. The English/Pakistani language film looks to be the level of a Jason Bourne political thriller mixed with some contemporary settings. Mostly, I'm just amazed at the production level for a market that doesn't produce these kinds of films. Like, ever.

Check it out:

Pretty cool, right? I mean, sure some of the acting is hammy and the action is on overload, but it still looks like a damn fun ride. Could this be the launching pad for future films from Pakistan? One can never tell. The film is set to debut sometime this year in Pakistan, but will likely make it's way to other regions at some point.

Source: Bleeding Cool



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