Cool Videos: Film editor Michael Kahn's Lifetime Achievement Award tribute reel

I have an affinity for the process of editing, partially because I'm involved in it outside of the work I do on JoBlo.com, but also because it's what makes moving pictures into full-fledged cinema. It's possibly the single most thankless element in the construction of films, yet also the most crucial as editors work in near symbiosis with their directors, creating products that work you in conscious and unconscious ways.

This past weekend during the A.C.E. (American Cinema Editors) "Eddie" Awards in Beverly Hills, Oscar-winning film cutter and longtime Steven Spielberg collaborator Michael Kahn was presented with a Lifetime Achievement award for his long and supremely impressive body of work. A reel of that work - assembled by Carsten Kurpanek & Rosanne Colello - was shown as part of Kahn's tribute, and is now available for all of you to check out below.

Thanks to the magnificently sexy Edgar Wright for the heads up!

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Extra Tidbit: What film's editing jumps at you the most? Give us a title or even just a sequence from a movie that you find to be particularly awesome.
Source: Edgar Wright



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