Cool Videos: Huey Lewis reenacts the infamous Huey Lewis scene from American Psycho

I love AMERICAN PSYCHO. Christian Bale's insane performance cemented him as one of my favorite actors and the scene where he explains Huey Lewis and the News to a drunk Jared Leto is cheesy perfection. I love the over the top way Bale portrays Patrick Bateman in this sequence. I recommend this movie to everyone I can and love having discussions about whether the events of the movie actually happen or if they are all in Bateman's pyschotic imagination.

It was a hilariously pleasant surprise to see this new video from Funny Or Die spoofing the AMERICAN PSYCHO scene. The best part is getting Huey Lewis himself to play the Bateman role while dissecting Christian Bale's performance in the movie. As Lewis explains the film to Weird Al Yankovic (in the Jared Leto role), he goes as over the top nuts as Bale did in the original. This produces a meta masterpiece. So sit back and enjoy the madness of the new video and the original scene below!

Source: Funny or Die



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