Cool Videos: Jim Carrey joins the gun control debate with this video parodying Charlton Heston and "Hee Haw"

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Due to events like the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and the attack during the midnight release of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, America has been in a constant debate about what to do about gun control laws. Everyone from politicians and media talking heads to message board trolls and Twitter fanatics have made their views clear on how they feel regarding guns in America.

Celebrities have been making their opinions known as well and and one of them that believes there should be stronger gun laws is Jim Carrey. If you have a Twitter account you know Jim Carrey has had a few things to say about gun control and in this new video from Funny or Die that parodies the country variety show Hee Haw, he plays previous NRA president Charlton Heston as well as the lead singer of the fictional band Lonesome Earl & the Clutterbusters. The song Lonesome Earl sings is called "Cold Dead Hands" and is obviously a reference to Charlton Heston's famous quote that the only way the government would get his rifle would be if they pried it "from my cold dead hands."

Gun control is a topic that people on both sides are very passionate about and I don't want start a debate on the issue. However (as it seems to be with every conflict of views in this country) neither side seems to be willing to give an inch to the other. While people will always find a way to obtain weapons to do harm, the people that enjoy hunting or shooting guns as a form of recreation shouldn't be punished because of some violent individuals. But just because you believe you should own a gun doesn't mean you shouldn't have to prove that you will be responsible with the weapon.

So instead, just enjoy Jim Carrey being pretty damn silly and make sure you watch all of the video to see Carrey do a pretty spectacular impersonation of Sam Elliott. Jim Carrey can next be seen in KICK-ASS 2 on August 16th, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: I know part of it is because Jim Carry played him in MAN ON THE MOON but since the quality of the video was made to feel like it's from Hee Haw's time period it kind of has an Andy Kaufman-esque vibe to it.
Source: Funny or Die



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