Cool Videos: Liam Neeson reads the first chapter of A Monster Calls

Though most of  us lesser folk outside of New York and L.A. will have to wait until January 6 to see A MONSTER CALLS there's always the book out there for our reading pleasure. I know, I know, books are witchcraft, but the book this movie is based on (by Patrick Ness, who wrote the script) is quite tremendous, and a short read given it’s a children’s book. Still not convinced to pick it up? Fine, here’s Liam Neeson reading you the first bit of it. The tough-guy version of Morgan Freeman, Neeson’s voice gives weight to the book’s eerie, ominous beginning, and we even get a great taste of the vocal work he brings to The Monster in the movie. It’s a good ten minutes long, so it may be enough to act as a bedtime story to help you drift into dream land…or the world of nightmares. You never know with Neeson’s voice.

Source: Focus Features



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