Cool Videos: Liam Neeson strips to his underoos for cancer research

Well, this is one way to promote TAKEN 2. If anything, the 60 year old Neeson may have locked up the female demographic for the box office tally this weekend.

Neeson made an appearance on Ellen this week that coincides with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To show his support, Neeson came on stage wearing a pink robe and a pair of pink briefs. He then entered a dunk tank for a breast cancer survivor and/or Ellen herself to get him all wet.

When I heard Neeson say that he had a particular set of skills, this is not what I thought he meant. This is marginally NSFW, but it was broadcast on daytime, network television so you should be okay.

Kudos to Neeson for baring all on a national television show. Not only was it for a good cause but it also shows the actor is a decent person as well. Between this and his appearance on LIFE'S TOO SHORT, it may be time to cast Neeson in a comedy.

TAKEN 2 opens this Friday.

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Extra Tidbit: I never took Liam Neeson to be a grape smuggler. But, he is European so I should have assumed.
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