Cool Videos: Re-cut Terminator trailer reminds us of the series' greatness

With TERMINATOR: GENISYS out in theaters and garnering some pretty mixed reviews (you can check out ours here), I think it's important to look back at why they keep trying to make sequels. I won't even lie; every time I hear about a new TERMINATOR film, I get a little excited at the prospect of someone delivering a solid movie with a unique story in James Cameron's universe. Sure, it hasn't happened yet, but maybe one day...

In the meantime, Joel Walden has cut together a reimagined trailer for the classic that spawned it all, THE TERMINATOR, and I'll be damned if this trailer doesn't kick the ass of every GENISYS trailer out there. It's painfully obvious that despite not showing anything R-rated in the trailer, there's an edge to this movie that the latest film is sorely lacking. As bad as RISE OF THE MACHINES, SALVATION or GENISYS may be, at least we'll always have the original two films that deliver that dark and thrilling journey that (seemingly) only James Cameron could create.

If you're feeling brave, TERMINATOR: GENISYS is now in theaters.

Source: YouTube



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