Cool Videos: This Rear Window time lapse is amazing

I am just going to preface this by saying that Alfred Hitchcock is the master. I defy you to name a director with a better filmography than Hitch. Sure, he had some duds, but he had even more masterpieces.

REAR WINDOW is right at the top of those masterpieces. It is so good that words cannot convey it, you just have to watch it. It is a very claustrophobic movie that makes you want to jump out of your chair, just like Jimmy Stewart. Plus, Grace Kelly puts 90% of today's hotties to shame.

A central character in REAR WINDOW is the setting itself: the backyard between the apartment buildings. Because it appears so often through Jimmy Stewart's point of view, we see almost every angle of the yard. Based on that, Jeff Desom dissected individual shots and connected them into a panorama shot of the entire space. The resulting time lapse of the movie plays out in chronological order. The results is amazing.

Wasn't that awesome? If you don't think so, watch it again. If you still don't think so, go watch REAR WINDOW, then watch the time lapse again.

Extra Tidbit: My favorite HITCHCOCK films are NOTORIOUS, NORTH BY NORTHWEST, and REBECCA.
Source: Jeff Desom



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