Cool Videos: Tommy Wiseau of The Room critiques the trailer for Colossal!

I've mentioned before how much I'm looking forward to Anne Hathaway's new kaiju/romantic dramedy film COLOSSAL, as well as my love of bad movies (especially THE ROOM). Well, those two worlds have finally gloriously collided in this odd bit of marketing. Watch Tommy Wiseau (director of the aforementioned THE ROOM) watch and critique the newest trailer for COLOSSAL. Let's take a look:

This is pretty great. My favorite part is that he didn't seem to like it, and the reasons are as bonkers as you'd expect. "Stop cutting to the girl [Anne Hathaway], she's boring" or "I hate the way he [Jason Sudeikis] talks!" Basically, it seems he just liked it when the monster stomped on shit. Which now I want to see a Tommy Wiseau monster movie so bad!

Anyway, COLOSSAL will be stomping into theaters (and into our hearts) April 7th, 2017

Extra Tidbit: Tommy Wiseau has a sitcom that played on Hulu called NEIGHBORS. Yes, it was terrible.
Source: YouTube



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