Cool Videos: Will Ferrell wants you to drink Old Milwaukee

Most A-list actors are afraid of filming commercials here in the US (instead, they go internationally where the don't think American audiences will see their spots) but Will Ferrell has never shied away from being a spokesman. In the past, he's filmed commercials for Bud Light, Old Spice, Gap and even Apple, in a series of iPod ads that were never actually used. But Ferrell just launched his most bizarre ad campaign yet, for Old Milwaukee beer.

Back in September, Ferrell approached Pabst Brewing and pitched them on a series of ads for their Old Milwaukee beer. They, of course, were thrilled. Ferrell received no pay for filming the commercials and he oddly wanted them only to run in regional markets. The first series, shot in Davenport, Iowa, has been running on local cable channels since November and just now are showing up online.

There are reportedly a number of other ads on the way including filming that was done in Terre Haute, Indiana. If and when those will pop up online remains to be seen. You can check out the three Old Milwaukee ads below.

Source: JoBlo.com



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