Could Mark Wahlberg be The Crow in Stephen Norrington's remake?


I'm currently scratching my head trying to process the news that Mark Wahlberg has been offered the lead role in THE CROW.

The horror fiends at Bloody Disgusting are saying that they can confirm this news. This isn't exactly official, so don't go smashing or breaking things just yet.

Stephen Norrington (THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN) will be the one helming the remake. Nick Cave is working on a re-write of the script with Norrington.

Nick Cave is pretty damn spectacular, but if this news is in fact true, will Wahlberg take the role? Could he be the next Eric? As much as I love Wahlberg, I just can't see this. Now, when Crow creator James O'Barr saw Brandon Lee for the first time he couldn't see it either. Then after going through the process and seeing the final product, O'Barr couldn't think of anyone better for the role. In his mind, Lee will always be Eric. This is all true by the way since I got to meet and talk with him during Dallas Comic-Con last year.

There's no other news on the project really, aside from the fact that the film will take place in Detroit.

Anyone like this inspired casting?

Extra Tidbit: Feel the vibration.



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