Crowe a Klingon?

Wow rumors about major A-listers in the upcoming STAR TREK flick are running rife now! Fresh of the back of the Tom Cruise as Pike rumor, now it appears people are talking about Russell Crowe to play the main villain in the movie. Word is that his name sits right atop Paramount's wish list.

Thoughts? Yeah I can actually see this and would love for it to come to fruition. I would say that the chance of Cruise (who teamed with Abrams on MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3) playing a role in the movie would be a much more likely scenario, but yeah, I'd love to see it. Crowe is bad-ass. The only concern though is obviously that Russell Crowe chews scenery for fun. Homeboy demands your attention. I'm pretty sure that even if you cast him as a murdering child pornographer who listened to Kenny G, you'd still be rooting for him to beat Zachary Quinto like an erection. Anyway, I guess we'll see, hmm?
Extra Tidbit: I love Hugh Jackman but I still wish Crowe had taken the Wolverine role.
Source: IGN



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