D23: Burton & Muppets

[Ed. note: Jenna Busch is at Disney's D23 conference and is filing reports throughout the weekend.]

AAANNNIIIMAAAAAL! THE MUPPETS rock! And at the Disney D23 Expo today, they all appeared on stage on a giant steam boat “The Mark Twain” to announce the new film, THE CHEAPEST MUPPET MOVIE EVER MADE. Dude, I love the Muppets so much that I memorized “The Jabberwocky” after seeing their sketch. If you see me around, ask me. I'll totally recite it for you.

The group sang “The Rainbow Connection” in what was easily the coolest moment of the entire expo. According to muppet.wikia.com, the film is based on a concept that Jim Henson, Jerry Juhl and Frank Oz developed in 1985, where Gonzo writes and directs a film, but blows the entire budget on the opening titles. I know Miss Piggy is cheesy. I know Janice is a crazy hippy. I know flying chickens are strange. But damn, I'm so excited for this!!! No release date has been announced.

Meanwhile, it's been confirmed that the full length feature version of Tim Burton's FRANKENWEENIE is going to be stop motion. Confirmed by the uncombed one himself. No other details have been released, and Mr. Helena Bonham Carter was pretty quiet, but he did explain why he decided to take on ALICE IN WONDERLAND. “It sounded really trippy and great.” You know what else is great? Hairbrushes. (I know geniuses don't have to brush their hair, but come on dude. Even your headshot is a mess.) We didn't see anything new from that film, but all I can say is, Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman. Squee! Sorry. I really couldn't help myself.

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