D23: Pics and wrapup!

Last weekend, Jenna Busch visit the D23 Expo in Los Angeles. Billed by Disney as the "ultimate event for Disney fans," the weekend featured special guests (Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Nicolas Cage, John Travolta), sneak peeks (TRON: LEGACY) and screenings (TOY STORY 1 & 2 in 3D). To help wrap things up, we've got a brand new video from the convention, a whole gallery of pics and I've compiled a greatest hits of everything that went down. Check it all out below!

Nic Cage talks SORCERER'S APPRENTICE - Guillermo del Toro signs with Disney - Johnny Depp appears to announce PIRATES 4 title - Tim Burton talks and Muppet news - YELLOW SUBMARINE news - TOY STORY 3 footage - PRINCE OF PERSIA not in 3D


TRON LEGACY light cycle. I would trade in my car for one of these.

Costumes from PRINCE OF PERSIA. Sadly, no appearance from Jake and Gemma.

Me and Jack Skellington. Coolest dude ever.

Some weird-ass Mickey art. But hey, it's recycled.

Coolest painting EVER.

The Evil Queen from SNOW WHITE. I would totally put this up in my house.

A light-up snail from the Disney parade.

WALL-E! I love that little robot. I annoyed people for months with my imitation of his voice.

I want a pumpkin Cinderella coach for my very own.

Mickey's Diner. There is a drive through window and ice cream on the table. Some rich couple will buy this for their spoiled rug rats. (Sorry. I'm still bitter about not getting that Sit 'n Spin for Christmas when I was a kid.)

Me taking a picture of myself on a black and white trippy screen. Between this and FANTASIA, I think Disney is familiar with the wacky weed.

A girl dressed as Sally from THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Not quite the same level of cosplay that Comic Con has, but still...

Andy's Room from TOY STORY. Lotta girls in there. Just saying.

Princess and the Frog. New Disney film that takes place in New Orleans. (If it's anything like my last New Orleans trip, it will involve some drunken dancing at a bar called The Dungeon.)

Andy's Room from TOY STORY. Lotta girls in there. Just saying.

Luke Frywalker and Princess Tater.

Aww. Winnie the Pooh tree. I could make Pooh jokes here, but that would be blasphemy. I love that pants-less bear.

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