David Cronenberg to embrace nothingness with As She Climbed Across the Table?

David Cronenberg (A DANGEROUS METHOD, EASTERN PROMISES, EXISTENZ) is easily one of my favorite directors alive. From his body horror masterpieces to his more recent psychological dramas, the guy has managed to not lose step with his thematic interests, and as a result, remained one of the most wonderfully interesting filmmakers working in the biz today.

So how would you feel if Cronenberg made a return to sci-fi and mindf*cking? According to Pajiba, the Canadian-born filmmaker is evidently attached to adapt Jonathan Lethem's AS SHE CLIMBED ACROSS THE TABLE.

A little about the book, from Amazon.com: Philip is in love with Alice. As the novel opens, he is beginning to lose her. Not to another man, as he fears, but to, literally, nothing. Alice is a physicist, and a team at the University where both she and Philip work has created a hole, a vacuum, a doorway of nothingness inside the laboratory. They call it "Lack." Alice becomes obsessed with Lack, as Philip is obsessed by Alice.

The film is being produced by writer/producer Steve Zallian (THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO) and is said to be "in the vein of ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND". Interesting...

Cronenberg is currently filming his Sigmund Freud/Carl Jung drama A DANGEROUS METHOD, which is expected to be released sometime next year.
Extra Tidbit: "You're afraid to dive into the plasma pool, aren't you? You're afraid to be destroyed and recreated, aren't you? I'll bet you think that you woke me up about the flesh, don't you? But you only know society's straight line about the flesh. You can't penetrate beyond society's sick, gray, fear of the flesh. Drink deep, or taste not, the plasma spring! Y'see what I'm saying? And I'm not just talking about sex and penetration. I'm talking about penetration beyond the veil of the flesh! A deep penetrating dive into the plasma pool!"
Source: Pajiba



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