David Fincher gives an update on The Goon animated movie

Eric Powell's terrific monster/mobster comic THE GOON is still slowly coming to computer-rendered life, courtesy of producer David Fincher (FIGHT CLUB, etc.) and FX company Blur Studios. We've seen the Comic Con test footage (below) with Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown, but news on the feature has been scarce.

During a lengthy chat with the filmmaker for THE SOCIAL NETWORK home release, AICN squeezed him for an update on the project, and Fincher had this to say:

"Animation that isn’t singing furry animals is hard. Especially something as outré as Eric Powell. And it’s his script! (laughs) It’s main-lined Eric Powell. We kind of went out with it at the end of the year and I don’t know that a lot of people were paying attention, but hopefully someone will step in and want to (pick it up).

I gotta hope there are more avenues for animation than… I certainly wouldn’t call The Goon “adult animation.” I think that ends up starting to sound like Fritz The Cat and that’s not what it is. It’s more like “teen animation.” And it’s funny!

Hopefully this will be the year that people go, “Wait a minute! We don’t all have to be trying to imitate Pixar!"

The Dark Horse comic revolves around a brutish creature-punching mob enforcer and his mouthy buddy Frankie, and their misadventures in a bizarre monster-filled town.

Extra Tidbit: Sounds like the movie is budgeted around $55 million -- c'mon, someone with deep pockets make this happen!
Source: AICN



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