Deadpool 2's Peter introduces the world to X-Force via his Twitter account

Today is Peter W.'s first day of training as a distinguished member of Deadpool's elite team of superheroes, X-Force. As a way of commemorating the event, Peter brought his Nikkon along to the gang's first meeting, and has decided to share the experience with all 67.3k followers of his personal Twitter account. In the lead up to the release of DEADPOOL 2, Peter, who possesses no super powers of his own,  has become something of a fan-favorite among those tracking the team's antics on social media. When he's not battling the forces of evil, Peter can be found grilling on his deck, watching sports, or tending to his collection of bees. Really, he's the type of blue-collared chap I'd like to share a beer with, as I'm sure you would, too.

What say we let Peter take you on a guided tour through his first day at work, yeah? This way, you'll have the opportunity to get acquainted and perhaps learn a thing or two about who the Merc with a Mouth has decided to roll with for his latest adventure. Enjoy!

Source: Twitter



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