Deadpool extends an offer to Brazilians everywhere in Deadpool 2 teaser

The first DEADPOOL flick used some pretty crazy methods of marketing, like putting up a giant billboard that famously used the skull and poo emojis. But now the sequel is taking its promotion a step further, which if you’re a resident of Brazil, involves you immortalizing the film on your body until the end of time…or until you sober up and realize you’ve made a terrible mistake and must seek medical treatment. That’s right, a new DEADPOOL 2 teaser has just dropped, and in it, the Merc with a Mouth himself (Ryan Reynolds) addresses Brazilians directly to advertise a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a special Deadpool tattoo for the low, low price of absolutely nothing. Okay, okay, they may ask to keep a vile of your blood. But it’s totally not for evil cloning purposes. Watch the teaser above!

After a little research and going to the site at the end of the teaser, the advertisement for the free tattoo is part of the upcoming Comic-Con event in Sao Paulo, with the experience being presented by a popular tattoo studio in the city, Tattoo You. A lot of you folks here in America won’t get to be a part of this unique experience, but for any geeks and nerds down in Brazil, this is an awesome opportunity to show how much of a fan you are. You may regret that fandom when you're 80 and begin to sag, and that heart tattoo ends up looking like a deflated ass, but hey, being 80 probably sucks anyway. 

DEADPOOL 2 hits theaters June 1, 2018.



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