Deadpool won't be breaking down the Great (Fourth) Wall in China

Sorry, people of China... You're not getting DEADPOOL. How about a chimichanga instead?

Yes, 20th Century Fox's latest superhero venture starring Ryan Reynolds in the titular role won't be making its way into China with the film being denied a release within the nation's borders. The country's media regulator, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, has taken issue with the film's graphic violence, language and nudity (all the things American audiences find enticing about the film), and, with no ratings system in China, has given it an ultimate thumbs-down.

In the past, Hollywood studios have worked with the Chinese censors in order to concoct more palatable cuts of films in question, but, in this particular case, Fox deemed it too problematic, given the plot problems and nonsensical state the film would have devolved into, given all the removed material.

China is the world's second-largest theatrical market, so Fox stands to take a bit of a hit not being able to get their R-rated Marvel film in. However, DEADPOOL's moderate budget has allowed them to take many more risks than your typical superhero fare has in recent memory. That insulates the movie a bit from the conversation of needing China to chase a status of becoming a global phenomena... but, considering movie studios exist for the purpose of making money, you know this one has to eat at them a little.

DEADPOOL is going to give it to the rest of us on Februrary 12.



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