Demian Bichir lands a starring role in The Conjuring spinoff The Nun

As the years have gone by, James Wan's THE CONJURING has enjoyed quite a bit of success with an impressive slate of spinoff films spiraling out of the horror-thriller franchise. THE NUN marks the second time that characters from James Wan's universe have been granted an expanded, full-length feature treatment - the first being ANNABELLE, a film about a creepy as f*ck doll that haunts a manor populated by wayward children. You can check out a trailer for the latest film in the ANNABELLE series, ANNABELLE 2: CREATION by clicking here.

Today, it's been announced that Demian Bichir (WEEDS, THE HATEFUL EIGHT) has been cast in THE CONJURING spinoff THE NUN. Directed by Corin Hardy, THE NUN is being written by Gary Dauberman and James Wan, which focuses on the demon nun who came to life in THE CONJURING 2 thanks to a painting by Patrick Wilson's paranormal investigator character Ed Warren.

THE NUN is scheduled to haunt theaters beginning on July 13, 2017 - for those of your playing at home, yes, that is indeed a Friday the 13th. 

Extra Tidbit: The current owners of THE CONJURING house sued the producers of the film for inadvertently turning their home into a tourist attraction.
Source: Variety



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