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While I found Neil Marshall's spelunking horror flick THE DESCENT to be genuinely and satisfyingly terrifying, I'm not sure it demanded a sequel. As usual, we're getting one anyway. Marshall is back in a producing capacity, with the first movie's editor Jon Harris directing a script by James Watkins (EDEN LAKE).

What can we expect from the follow-up, besides additional claustrophobia and hungry creeps? Watkins talked about the tone to Arrow in the Head: "What I think Jon and I wanted to pursue with the sequel, with D2, was we wanted to make a movie that kind of had all the best elements, or what we thought were the best elements of the first film. For us, it was the real primal fear."

So what does that translate to? Watkins clarifies: "For example, the claustrophobia, the couple of scenes that we just said, 'Okay, we have that scene in the first film with claustrophobia. How can we take that and just make it a whole lot bigger and scarier?' There is one that involves water and it's just terrifying."

The sequel finds actresses Shauna MacDonald and Natalie Mendoza  conspicuously reprising their roles, heading back into the beast-filled cave system with some fresh human meals.

Extra Tidbit: Foxy warrior gal Mendoza played "China Doll" in Baz Luhrmann's MOULIN ROUGE.
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