Dexter: John Lithgow reprising role as "Trinity Killer" for revival series

Dexter, John Lithgow, revival

Stop the presses! John Lithgow is set to reprise his role as the Arthur Mitchell, aka the "Trinity Killer" for Showtime's Dexter revival series.

According to Deadline, Lithgow will make "a short but decisive appearance in the Michael C. Hall-led revival coming from Showtime this fall." What that means, considering that Lithgow's "Trinity Killer" was killed by Dexter Morgan (Hall) in the final episode of Season 4, is anyone's guess. Details are very limited at this time, though whispers suggest that the writers have figured out a way to bring Lithgow's fan-favorite character back into the fold. Lithgow is expected to join the cast and crew of the LA production for one day only.

Dammit, Showtime! Just when I thought I was out... you're pulling me back in. Any Dexter fan will tell you that Lithgow's "Trinity Killer" was a major highlight of the series, and the thought of him coming back in any capacity excites me. Mitchell arrived on the Dexter scene in Season 4 as the perfect opponent for Morgan. At that point in the series, Morgan's way of covering his tracks was getting a bit sloppy, and Mitchell was there to give him a wake-up call. I won't spoil the final events of that pivotal fourth season, but suffice it to say that Mitchell changes Dexter's life in ways that would cripple even the most ruthless of serial killers.

Do any of you have any guesses as to how Lithgow's Arthur Mitchell comes back for the revival? My guess is that he returns as some sort of "Ghost of Serial Killer's past." He probably haunts Morgan as he attempts to make a new life for himself. I suppose we'll just have to wait to find out.

Source: Deadline

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