Die Hard writer takes to Twitter to settle Christmas movie debate

Some Christmas classics are easy to distinguish. They have Santa, there’s snow, pine trees, presents and a message about wonder or believing or something. Others don’t wear the Christmas cheer on their sleeve as much and have actually inspired some debate as to whether or not they are a Christmas movie – like the action classic DIE HARD. No matter what side of the debate you’re on the fight is over now, as the writer has stepped in to settle the matter once and for all.

DIE HARD writer Steven E. de Souza (co-writer with Jeb Stuart) took to Twitter recently to answer a question from CNN’s Jake Tapper about the flick’s Christmas movie status. The writer answered the question in his own funny way, all before doubling down and clapping back at a commenter who brought up the fact DIE HARD was actually released in the summer of 1988 as evidence as to why it is not a Christmas movie

There are some DIE HARD, um, die-hards out there who may be finding their own ways to disagree with Souza, but basically, the debate is over. This confirmation comes from the movie’s writer, as in the man who wrote the movie and established its characters, story and setting. However, it is worth noting there probably aren’t many on the “not a Christmas movie side,” as DIE HARD is vastly considered not only a Christmas movie but one of the best of all time.

DIE HARD has never not been a Christmas movie to me. Sure, it may be an action movie, but the Christmas setting is so much a part of the movie’s identity that it seems ridiculous to write it off. There’s no family-friendly message or romances in the snow with too many ugly sweaters, but DIE HARD is a Christmas movie through and through. They even made a delightful Christmas book about it!

Source: Twitter



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