Dig into The Ore

Just the other day I called your attention to MAX NEPTUNE along with a plea to support all the talented maverick no-budget filmmakers out there. Here’s another, an independent sci-fi short with some rather snazzy looking homebrewed special effects and obvious ability on display.

It's called THE ORE, and it just might get your drill spinning. Here’s the skinny: Fossil fuels are depleting, and the Maven Council is facing a global crisis... Elsa, a young woman who lost her son four years ago, receives an unsettling clue as to his fate. As she seeks the truth, her path converges with a greater force - a plan that could soon culminate in a massive worldwide evolution.

The entire finished film is available for viewing (for a limited time) at the official site, along with a feature-packed DVD. Check it out RIGHT HERE!
Extra Tidbit: If you’re a fan of zombie movies (and hey, who isn’t?), check out the filmmakers’ undead short TEXAS FORTUNE right here!
Source: The Ore



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