Director David Cronenberg confirms that Eastern Promises 2 is dead

For those looking forward to seeing the adventures of the dark and violent Russian mobsters of David Cronenberg's EASTERN PROMISES, it looks like those dreams are kaput.  Our man Jimmy O spoke with Cronenberg during the press rounds for his upcoming COSMOPOLIS and confirmed that the sequel is no longer moving forward. 

Cronenberg said,"Unfortunately, just recently it fell apart I think for good. It was a disappointment because I literally thought I would be in pre-production on it this October. But it is pretty much dead."

No word on what transpired to see the project hit the bricks, but Cronenberg deflected to the production company, saying,
"You have to talk to James Schamus at Focus to get the details maybe..."

EASTERN PROMISES was a cool flick, with yet another great turn from Viggo Mortensen, including a particularly brutal naked bathhouse brawl.  Although not a major box office smash, the film has since gone on to establish itself as a cult classic, as is kind of typical for Cronenberg, who rarely destroys the box office, but rather trickles in through the back door. 

It's a shame he isn't able to continue the story, but I have no doubt he'll bounce back with something equally...Cronenberg-y.

Extra Tidbit: Note to self...steer clear of Russian bath houses. After Eastern Promises and Red Heat, I'm pretty sure I don't need to add that to the bucket list.
Source: JoBlo.com



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