Disney already has some writers in mind for Star Wars: Episodes 8 and 9

After choosing Michael Arndt to script STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, Deadline Hollywood is hearing that Disney has already approached writers for Episodes 8 and 9.

Those writers are Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg. They do not mention which sequel either scribe will be attached to. You should be familiar with the work of both men. Kasdan scripted both THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and RETURN OF THE JEDI. Kinberg had a hand in SHERLOCK HOLMES and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.

Deadline states that they are already seeking writers for the next two installments in order for George Lucas to start mapping things out.

If this is true, both of these choices are good in my opinion, especially Kasdan. He already is quite familiar with the universe, so he has one up on Kinberg. I have nothing but respect for Kinberg, who did an awesome job on another view of the X-Men. It could have been handled so horribly, yet we ended up with something fresh and far from disappointing.

Again this is just a rumor at this point. Will be interesting to see if it winds up being fact, even if it's only one of them that winds up with the job.

Source: Deadline



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