Dustin Hoffman is a Little Focker after all

Guess LITTLE FOCKERS did need some Hoffman.

A couple of weeks ago, I told you that the FOCKERS were going in for apparent minor pick-ups. Now it seems that those pick-ups turned into full-blown scenes. Actually, it was more than half a dozen scenes to include Dustin Hoffman in on the action.

Hoffman was written out of the third installment when a deal could not be reached for him. John Hamburg and Jay Roach had to convince Hoffman to return to his role in the film. Deadline's insider stated that everything really comes down to cost with the actor.

The pivotal scenes that Hoffman had to shoot were opposite Barbara Streisand, and another was a big scene at the end of the film. The other scenes that Hoffman participated in were the ones with the little fockers. The studio is still set on making the overall final product better and hope that it will still be ready for release in December.

A few days ago, we gave you a new trailer for the FOCKERS. It really did not go over too well. Is there a chance in hell that they could make this better? In my opinion, it's the same sort of product that I expected out of the franchise. Perhaps the trailer is the problem, but it doesn't seem like it.

Extra Tidbit: If they do a fourth film, what will they call it? "Those Focking Teens", "A Fockers Christmas"? I'm sure whatever you come up with will be less flattering.
Source: Deadline



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