Dwayne Johnson and DC Comics to join forces for a movie in 2014

Get excited! Dwayne Johnson is officially joining forces with DC Comics to bring us something special! While the project is unknown at this point, the man formerly known as The Rock let the world know that he is working on something DC related in 2014. It all stemmed from a question posed by a fan on Dwayne Johnson's Twitter feed to which the actor responded with this:

With DC promising smaller scale films in between their blockbusters like BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, could Johnson be lining up a major role for the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie like Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter? Or, could the now cancelled SHAZAM movie be getting new life? Or, could the long in development Lobo movie finally be coming? The possibilities are almost endless.

DC has lacked a major star outside of their Superman and Batman films that could draw in audiences. For a long time Dwayne Johnson has been rumored as a perfect fit for a superhero movie and now that reality seems to be coming to fruition. With the mention that they are coming together in 2014, does this mean the project will be headed for 2015 or later? Stay tuned for news as this develops.

Source: Twitter



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