Dwayne Johnson comments on Shazam & future of DCEU

Alright, nerds and nerdettes, it seems like as 2017 will finally be the year we get a ton of info regarding the upcoming SHAZAM! movie. It all started when Dwayne Johnson (who's playing the villain/anti-hero, Black Adam) posted a photo of him and Henry Cavill having some super drinks, and then in a video talking about the character’s origin story. Just yesterday producer Hiram Garcia shared his enthusiasm after a meeting at DC, and now it’s time for the movie’s greatest advertisement – Johnson himself – to give his two cents on said strategy meeting.

Johnson used his ever popular Instagram account to share his thoughts on the meeting at DC, commenting on the direction the movie will take, as well as future DCEU movies:

It’s great Johnson is still excited about the project seeing as how he was cast in the role over two and half years ago, and it seems like things are just now starting to get moving. But it seems like waiting may have always been the name of the game here. Perhaps DC and Warner Bros. wanted to wait and see how BATMAN V. SUPERMAN fared first, as Johnson mentions “tonal developments”. He then goes on to mention fun and optimism, which aren’t two words one would associate with BVS.  This falls in line with how others involved have described future DCEU movies, so it looks like we will see more “fun” DC movies than serious and dark ones.

Like I said Johnson’s enthusiasm is intoxicating, and I’m getting more and more pumped for the movie every time he talks about it. Lord also knows I’d like to see more lighthearted DCEU movies, but as a bigger Marvel fan that’s just me being domineering. DC fans may not like how the DCEU may be ditching their more grounded, serious style for something more fun, believing their tone is what set them apart of the competition. We will have a better idea of what direction the movies will take once more (like WONDER WOMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE) come out, but I will always remember what I was taught in school: Trust in Dwayne Johnson. I didn't go to a normal school.

SHAZAM! is currently set for April 2019.

Source: Instagram



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