E3 trailer unveils '30s cartoon-inspired game Cuphead

Oh my God, I can't believe CUPHEAD is finally coming out! I've been following the development of this one for years! For one, the game looks gorgeous, as it completely recreates the feel of those old-timey cartoons from '20s and '30s (right down to the film flicker and fuzzy projection). The designs are great too (especially for the various bosses), as it really helps sell that era and aesthetic. Not only that, but it's a 2D platformer that just generally looks fun as hell to play!

The game began development in 2010 (originally as a Boss Fight only game, but the recent trailer seems to show regular platforming elements), where every character is actually hand-drawn frame-by-frame. The main difference between this and '30s cartoons is the 60fps framerate. However, when I first heard about this game, my friend showed me some gameplay footage, and I thought he was just showing me a cartoon from that era. That's how seamless it is. 

But if you don't believe me, see for yourself! Below is the new announcement trailer, first premiering at this year's E3:

Meanwhile, CUPHEAD will be released exclusively on XBOX ONE and Windows PC September 29th, though you can pre-order today.

Extra Tidbit: The boxing frog might be my favorite boss design - but honestly, it's so hard to choose!
Source: YouTube



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