Easter Egg Countdown: Captain America: Civil War

The biggest superhero movie of the year so far (financially, at least), CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR brought together the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a way we usually expect for an Avengers film, which has led to it being dubbed Avengers 2.5, rather than a solo Cap film. And, hey, who's complaining when you have a newly revamped Spider-Man, the long-awaited intro of Black Panther, an epic airport showdown, and a game-changing story that ended...in a status quo. The Marvel Machine hit full tilt boogie with CIVIL WAR and proved that their formula, for better or worse, is still well-oiled and on point, even if showing some signs of wear. In our latest Easter Egg Countdown we take a deeper look at the film and it's connections to the larger MCU and comic origins, revealing a lot of cool nuggets you may have missed upon repeat viewings (and repeat viewings don't count if you're just watching the airport scene over and over again...busted!)

Source: JoBlo.com



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