Eastern Promises 2 and Kristin Scott Thomas goes Salmon Fishing in Yemen

Any news that has to do with Viggo Mortensen is good news.

Producer Paul Webster is lining up a sequel for EASTERN PROMISES. Viggo will be coming back to his role as Nikolai. David Cronenberg is also returning to direct the script from PROMISES writer, Steven Knight. Focus Features is hoping to start up this winter.

I didn't see this one becoming a sequel, but if it's just as good as the first then I will definitely see it. This is possibly one of my favorite performances from Mortensen who I can always rely on to deliver. I wonder if Naomi Watts will return as Anna.

Another piece of news from Webster was that Kristin Scott Thomas will be playing the British Prime Minister's press secretary in BBC Films SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN. Director Bill Condon (KINSEY, DREAMGIRLS) will be helming the project. Condon is also taking on the Richard Pryor biopic starring Marlon Wayans.

Screenwriter Simon Beaufoy (SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE) has adapted Paul Torday’s bestselling novel of the same name. Webster said this on the story, "It’s accessible, eccentric and very British." I don't know how many people actually saw GOSFORD PARK, but that is one of my favorite films that Kristin Scott Thomas stars in. There was also something strangely sexy about her in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

Extra Tidbit: I mean, really, has Viggo Mortensen ever been bad in a role?
Source: Deadline



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