Edge of Private Ryan video essay

EDGE OF TOMORROW’s first battle sequence – involving a beyond reluctant Tom Cruise being forced into battle against an army of alien tentacle monsters – was a visually stupendous start to a series of epic battle sequences in what became one of the best summer movies of 2014. One reason why the terrifically orchestrated chaos was so undeniably badass is that when you think about it, it has the same feel to it as what is probably the greatest opening sequence in film history: the D-Day intro in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. Kicking off a new video essay series, we will play these two scenes side-by-side to show you how similar they are, with TOMORROW’s scene utilizing the crew being shipped off to battle, the thrusting into immediate chaos, and even a shot of a guy walking around engulfed in flame. But don’t worry; it doesn’t ruin TOMORROW in any way. In fact, it allows you to marvel at how even though Doug Liman probably took some cues from Steven Spielberg, he certainly made TOMORROW’s scene its own beast. 

Source: JoBlo



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