Elric gets a flick?

Given the influx of lucrative fantasy franchises to theaters (let's overlook ERAGON), is it finally time for an ELRIC movie? It is if the Weitz brothers have anything to say about it.

Chris Weitz recently struggled with getting another big-budget fantasy film adapted (that'd be THE GOLDEN COMPASS), but now he's itching to bring Michael Moorcock's nihilistic fantasy novels to screens. Sort of an anti-Conan or a more grisly and lascivious LOTR, the Elric books follow a brooding albino ruler and his devious brother as they clash for the throne with demonic soul-devouring runeblades, amongst all sorts of sorcery, treachery, bloodshed and a war between Law and Chaos. It's light reading!

Weitz says: "“My brother Paul and I liked those books growing up and we’ve met Michael Moorcock and he trusts us to take those books forward." Of course, their Elric involvement (with Universal) was actually announced over four years ago, but assuming THE GOLDEN COMPASS is another hit, expect Stormbringer to start slashing. I don't think I ever made it past "Weird of the White Wolf" in the book series when I read them back in 9th grade, but I recall them being pretty violent and generally f*cked-up. So bring 'em on! Enough with the little hairy dudes and talking animals already.
Extra Tidbit: Numerous comic adaptations of Moorcock's saga have been made over the years, but an animated project in the 80s never came to fruition.
Source: Empire Online



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