Ericson Core to direct The Claim with La La Land's Chazelle set to script

Today, word has come down the wire that Ericson Core (INVINSIBLE, POINT BREAK) has signed on to direct THE CLAIM, a thriller penned by LA LA LAND Oscar winner Damien Chazelle. Core will work beside Chazelle for producers Scott Clayton of Oceanside Media and Route One Entertainment's Russell Levine on the upcoming feature, which is expected to begin casting and firing up production later this year.

The CLAIM tells the tale of a single father with a criminal background who must locate his kidnapped daughter while fighting the mysterious claims of another couple who insist that the child is theirs.

Oh snap, apparently, Core also contributed to the cinematography of projects like THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, Marvel's DAREDEVIL and PAYBACK. See what happens when you do a little research? You learn things! Now, while I still don't know how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop (because you know that smary owl was full of bird shit), I am aware of a few comments said by Scott Clayton on the project's behalf, “Ericson has an inimitable level of skill behind the camera as a director and cinematographer. Under his masterful direction and keen eye for captivating storytelling, and Chazelle’s gripping screenplay, THE CLAIM has all the elements to be a powerful and enthralling theatrical experience.”

Follwing up on Clayton's statement was the former co-President of Red Granite International and launcher of the Capstone Group, Christian Mercuri, who said, “Scott and I have been looking for a project to produce together for quite some time. When the opportunity to collaborate on The Claim came about, it was an obvious partnership for us.”

While I'm not versed in the legal mumbo jumbo that comes with a nasty child custody battle, I would imagine that things will get quite nasty before the story of this film reaches its conclusion. Be sure to stay close as we inevitably follow up on this film, once casting and filming have gotten under way. Until then, keep your children close and always fight for them until the bitter end.

Extra Tidbit: Issues about custody arise in three distinct contexts: when government proposes to interfere with parental custody in an intact family; when parents live separately and a decision about custody must be made between them; and when third parties seek custody in preference to parents.



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