Even more Dark Shadows pictures emerge from the dark shadows of the internet

Just kidding, we've got a trailer for you!

Kidding again, sorry - the title actually does tell the truth. All we've got are more pictures for you from the Brazilian site Cine Marcado, albeit the prettiest batch of pictures yet. They have just enough of the right tone to restore some very small modicum of hope in me that this will perhaps maybe possibly be entertaining and a return to Tim Burton's days of old. Then again, all Burton has to produce is something merely watchable and he will have done better than his last obscenely successful and unnameable effort.

DARK SHADOWS releases May 11th. 

You either knew that already and are now grinning at how soon that is, or you knew it already and have long given up on caring.

Extra Tidbit: I've been hoping for Johnny Depp to play a vampire for years now. But I don't think this will be the kind of seductively vicious vampire I meant by that hope...
Source: Cine Marcado



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