Ewan confronts Demons

Things haven't been going so well for Ewan McGregor lately. His last couple films have included STAY, MISS POTTER and CASSANDRA'S DREAM. His upcoming movie is DECEPTION (review here. And some photographer apparently convinced him to pose shirtless and kilted. We love ya Ewan, so what's going on? Luckily he'll have a boost of Hanks in his life, which is always a good thing. McGregor has signed on to co-star with Tom Hanks in ANGELS AND DEMONS the upcoming DA VANCI CODE sequel. McGregor will play a "Vatican insider" who assists Hanks' character with his search. I don't remember a character like that in the book, at least not one that would be of McGregor's age. Perhaps they created a new character or embellished an existing one to give Robert Langdon a better sidekick. Yesterday it was announced that Ayelet Zurer will star as the female lead in the film, which is expected to begin filming this summer. McGregor is currently filming the Jim Carrey comedy I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS.

Extra Tidbit: McGregor recently got done starring opposite Chiwetel Ejiofor in "Othello" at the Donmar Warehouse.
Source: Variety



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