Exclusive 1:1 Interview with Only God Forgives director Nicolas Winding Refn!

As a long-time fan of Nicolas Winding Refn, I always look forward to his upcoming feature films. From DRIVE to BRONSON and VALHALLA RISING as well, his work is always interesting. Of course the same can be said for his latest feature, ONLY GOD FORGIVES. The film feels in many ways like an ode to David Lynch and features his DRIVE star Ryan Gosling as well as Kristin Scott Thomas in a fantastic performance.

Sitting down with the director we discussed the idea of creating an antagonist or protagonist. He talks about his reasons for telling this particular story the way he does, which is most definitely unconventional. Coming off of DRIVE, Refn has created something remarkably different, and most definitely bizarre. For fans of the director’s work, you may be in for a strangely twisted treat. Now as far as the rest of you, if you felt that his last film was strange, you ain’t seen nothing yet. ONLY GOD FORGIVES will be in limited release as well as VOD this Friday.

Source: JoBlo.com



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