Exclusive: Clip from raunchy comedy Freeloaders presents a "pornorific" situation

A few weeks ago we got our first look at the trailer (see below) for the Broken Lizard-related, FREELOADERS, and today we have an exclusive clip from the film, which may tap into one of your "what if" scenarios (the film isn't actually directed/written by Broken Lizard, but it stars all of the boys). The film centers on the titular "freeloaders" who live in a rock star's house (an actual rock star in this case, played by The Counting Crows' Adam Duritz) who find themselves suddenly about to be "evicted," which prompts them to find a way to buy the house and continue their partying ways.

In this clip, we see one of the freeloaders in question, played by Kevin Sussman, confronted with a unique proposition from a porn producer and one of his "actresses," presenting a very compelling sales pitch.

Sign on the dotted line:

Here's the synopsis:

A group of slackers living for free in a rock star's mansion suddenly find their lives on easy street threatened when the musician decides to sell his pad. To stop the sale the gang comes up with a series of ludicrous and hilarious schemes to insure the house never sells. From the producers of Beerfest and Super Troopers comes the stoner comedy of the year staring Olivia Munn, Dave Foley, Jane Seymour, Nat Faxon, Denise Richards, Josh Lawson, Zoe Boyle, Clifton Collins Jr., Kevin Sussman, Warren Hutchinson, Brit Morgan and featuring music by The Counting Crows.

Here's the full trailer:

FREELOADERS is currently available on VOD and will hit theaters in January 2013.

Having Olivia Munn in your movie isn't the worst thing in the world, either...

Source: Myriad Pictures



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