Exclusive: Dark Places interviews with Charlize Theron, Gillian Flynn & more

After her iconic performance in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, it doesn't surprise me to see the fantastic Charlize Theron take on another challenging role. And you can't get much farther from "Furiosa" than her character "Libby Day" in DARK PLACES. Based on the bestselling book by Gillian Flynn, the film takes a look at the effects of a horrible crime on the ones who survive it. Once again, the incredible Theron delivers a layered performance.

At the junket for the new film, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to the phenomenal Theron, as well as the author of the novel, Gillian Flynn. Theron talked about her fasination with true crime stories. And Gillian spoke about her inspiration for the novel, and the very impeccably crafted female characters that she creates. The two shared their enthusiasm for the story, and they even had an incredible sense of humor about it. You need it for when you get as deadly dark as Ms. Flynn's stories can get.

Afterwards, we spoke to the film's director Giles Paquet-Brenner as well as co-star Christina Hendricks. They discussed taking on the material, and well as how the lovely Ms. Hendricks approached her very challenging role. And she is quite terrific here as well. DARK PLACES opens in limited release this Friday, as well it is currently available on VOD.

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