Exclusive: Eva Green, Samuel L. Jackson & Tim Burton talk Miss Peregrine!

MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN has arrived, and it may be one of Tim Burton’s most entertaining cinematic landscapes as of late. Based on the books by Ransom Riggs, this tale of an unusual woman who protects children with magical abilities has the awe inspiring sensibilities of EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and BIG FISH. Featuring the extraordinary Eva Green, the film also stars Samuel L. Jackson and Asa Butterfield. If you are looking for a fun flight of fancy, this is worth checking out, and of course Ms. Green is astonishing.

With our own Eric Walkuski doing terrific work at Fantastic Fest in Austin this week, I was given the opportunity to fly out to New York to chat with this incredible cast. Inside the walls of a mysterious place called the McKittrick Hotel, we gathered together to not only talk about the new film, but to test our own peculiar powers - ripping up a phone book apparently is not one of mine.


We spoke to the lovely and incredibly talented Eva Green about her taking on the role. She opened up about being shy as a child, which her wonderful talent and imagination surely grew from. The great Tim Burton discussed working with Eva again, and creating a canvas that included CG, practical effects and stop-motion animation. Samuel L. Jackson talked about crafting such a charismatic villain in the Barron. And Asa Butterfield chatted about playing the leading role, and working in Burton’s world.

Finally, we spoke to author Ransom Riggs - who wrote the books - about where this idea came from. Who would have thought Stephen King and Alice in Chains would inspire such an exciting tale. And when it came to adapting the screenplay, the incredible Jane Goldman opened up about how she approached the material, and just how true she was able to stay to the original works.

Thanks to 20th Century Fox and this inspiring group of people for inviting JoBlo to entertain in these ‘peculiar’ activities. MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN opens today at a theatre near you.

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