Exclusive: Iron Man - It Could Have Been Me (video)

In this new video series we take a look at all the different things that transpired on the way to making a final film, from different stories, actors, directors and more, before settling on what eventually hit the big screen. First up is Jon Favreau's Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr., Jeff Bridges and Gwyneth Paltrow! Join us as we dig deep into the vaults of IMDB and the web, to unearth fascinating factoids about the evolution of Marvel's first chapter in their MCU empire!

What will you learn, exactly? For starters, did you know that IRON MAN had been in development since 1990? Or that Johnny Depp and Nicolas Cage were once considered for the part of Tony Stark? How about the idea that Tom Cruise was ready to come aboard the project with the intent to star and produce? That's not all, either, but you'll have to watch the video to discover in what other ways IRON MAN had a compelling journey toward launching a legendary franchise.

Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know what other films you'd like to see us investigate. Also, if you have any other factual information about IRON MAN, feel free to include that as well. See you next time!

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