JoBlo Exclusive: Red band clip released for horror film Abattoir

JoBlo has gotten an EXCLUSIVE clip from horror film ABATTOIR. It's a Red Band clip, so NSFW obviously. Unless your boss is cool, then show them it and tell me what they think:

Here's the official synopsis:

An investigative reporter works to solve the mystery behind a mysterious man who has been buying houses where tragedies have occurred. Set in a world where it always feels like night, even in daylight hours, real estate reporter Julia Talben's life is turned upside down when her family is brutally murdered. It is believed to be an open and close case, but Julia quickly realizes there is much more to this story when she returns to the crime scene to find the murder room deconstructed and physically removed from her sister's home. This ignites an investigative pursuit that eventually leads her and ex-lover Detective Declan Grady to the town of New English where they find the enigmatic Jebediah Crone and the Abattoir - a monstrous house stitched together with unending rooms of death and the damned. Julia comes to realize that her sister's soul is trapped inside, but the Abattoir isn't just a house - it's a door to something more evil than anyone could have ever imagined.

From the clip alone, I think it looks pretty stylish (while it's obvious the actors playing out the flashback in the scene are literally just in the background of the shot, it's still really effective). The film also sports some great, moody lighting. Let's just hope the rest of the movie keeps up that style and mood the whole way through.

ABATTOIR will premiere in select theaters tomorrow December 9th, 2016.

Extra Tidbit: Lead actress Jessica Lowndes had a part in the 90210 reboot.
Source: YouTube



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