First A Ghost Story trailer is haunting & transcendent

With Cinema Con going on we’ll be getting some new trailers, features and goodies about Hollywood’s biggest upcoming projects. The event is taking place at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, for god sakes! But there are lots of smaller films coming our way too…much smaller films. One of those films that should definitely be on your radar is David Lowery’s A GHOST STORY with Oscar-winner Casey Affleck and Oscar-nominee Rooney Mara. Check out the first trailer, which gives whole new meaning to the word “haunting”.

I love it. I love all of it. The cast, the director, the music, the aspect ratio, the idea and the ethereal aura it gives off. All of it. Our own Chris Bumbray gave it a glowing review out of Sundance, where the story about the ghost of a man (Affleck) haunts his wife received rave reviews all around. I think this will be a unique release for A24 and Lowery, and if marketed right could make a big splash. I'm talking serious Booooooscars. Um.....I'm so sorry.

A GHOST STORY is currently set for July 7.

Source: A24



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