First Ghost in the Shell footage is ominous & intriguing

The first GHOST IN THE SHELL footage is here! What’re you doing? You’re recording your kid’s ballet recital? Well ignore that shit and watch these clips! She’s not talented anyway!

Yes, the first footage is here (thanks to Twitter) in the form of a series of disjointed, ominous clips. We here have done you a solid and compiled them all into one video (no thanks is required…maybe a cake). The clips are…just watch.

The clips make the movie seem more like an arthouse action fllm than a straight-up, crazy, sci-fi flick. The movie still looks crazy, but not like balls-to-the-wall crazy, you know what I mean? The clips remind me more of Scarlett Johansson’s UNDER THE SKIN, a very eerie and gorgeous film.

I’m gonna lay it out there and say that I’ve never seen the anime, so I can’t exactly empathize with many of the people who are upset this is getting the “American remake” treatment. However, as a film fan, the movie looks interesting and seems worth checking out, and hopefully others think so too, despite the myriad of controversy over Johansson's casting. I mean, I'm mostly just saying that so I don't have to sit in the theater alone...like some dork.

GHOST IN THE SHELL hits March 31, 2017 starring Scarlett Johansson and directed by Rupert Sanders.

Source: Twiitter



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