First look at Meryl Streep as Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher

Very rarely do you see one shot from a movie and go "Oscar!" But with Meryl Streep dressing up as UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, you have to automatically assume at least a nomination is coming for the actress.

The film is called THE IRON LADY, and it reteams Streep with director Phyillida Lloyd as the duo last worked together on the woeful MAMMA MIA!

THE IRON LADY started filming two weeks ago, and Pathe UK has released this shot of Streep in makeup and costume looking as much like Thatcher as Streep can look I guess. Here's what she has to say about the part:

"I am trying to approach the role with as much zeal, fervour and attention to detail as the real Lady Thatcher possesses - I can only hope my stamina will begin to approach her own."

Check her out below, and the real Thatcher under that for comparison's sake.

The real one:

Extra Tidbit: "Oh that Meryl Streep, she's such a phony baloney!" - Jerry Seinfeld
Source: Deadline



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