First look at Robert De Niro in Rodrigo Cortes Red Lights

I'm getting a strong TWIN PEAKS vibe from this photo. if that floor has a black & white zig zag pattern, shits about to get freaky.

As you can see, Robert De Niro is in all black standing in front of a black curtain. No, this isn't a photo shoot for Details Magazine, it's a still from Rodrigo Cortés' RED LIGHTS. The synopsis is as follows: "a psychologist (Weaver) and her assistant whose study of paranormal activity leads them to investigate a world-renowned psychic (De Niro)." From what I read on the site, Las Horas Perdidas, Weaver and her partner (Cillian Murphy) are out to debunk De Niro's psychic abilities. Elizabeth Olsen (MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE) also stars.

As you all know, Cortés last film was BURIED starring Ryan Reynolds. The cast for this film already guarantees a seat filled by yours truly.

Check out the photo below. It's not much, but anything that reminds me of TWIN PEAKS is worth the time.

Extra Tidbit: Laura Palmer in the Black Lodge could give me enough nightmare fuel for an entire year.



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