Fox moving ahead with Silver Surfer and Doctor Doom movies

When Disney bought 20th Century Fox and all of its movie and TV properties everyone immediately began speculating how this would affect the upcoming lineup of Fox’s comic book movies. Apparently, the studio hasn’t slowed down for a second, and if anything, they are moving full steam ahead with a slew of new movies, including some featuring iconic Marvel characters.

The report from THR features quotes from sources saying the studio is going “100 miles an hour” in developing a slew of new comic book movies. Among them are a Silver Surfer movie with writer Brian K. Vaughn (“Y: The Last Man”) attached, and a movie about Doctor Doom from Noah Hawley (FARGO, LEGION). As well, the planned Kitty Pryde movie we’ve been hearing about is still on the docket, while the upcoming NEW MUTANTS is doing reshoots to add a new character to the mix, and is still set for February 22, 2019. Yes, the character is Pennywise, and he will be terrifying the young mutants.

That is not all, my comic book/movie-loving friends. As for the Channing Tatum GAMBIT movie, the studio is still looking for a director to helm the green-lighted film. This comes after PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN director Gore Verbinski dropped out recently, leaving the ship without a captain. Then there’s the potentially huge X-FORCE movie, which the report says will start shooting this fall. 

The phrase "business as usual" is being tossed around at Fox, and based on all these plans, that seems to be the case. The Disney deal probably won't take effect for some time, and then it will take even more time after that for some characters to be integrated into the MCU, if they ever will. For now, anyone digging what Fox has been doing with DEADPOOL and LOGAN can rest assured now that some of these new movies could be on the way.

DEADPOOL hits theaters May 18 with X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX following on November 2.

Source: THR



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