Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman takes on Magic: The Gathering

Back in January we told you that 20th Century Fox was developing a feature film adaptation of the popular game MAGIC: THE GATHERING; the same game I tried to wrap my head around for most of my middle school years. Now the studio has found a writer with lots of fantasy experience, GAME OF THRONES writer/producer Bryan Cogman.

The studio hopes this will kick start a franchise (obviously) and certainly want to do it justice by hiring Cogman to scribe and X-MEN writer/producer Simon Kinberg to produce the potential blockbuster. If you watch GAME OF THRONES (of course you do) then you may not recognize Cogman as showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss write almost every episode with, Cogman writing at least one episode a season.

Launched in 1993, Magic: The Gathering is set in a realm inhabited by Wizards known as Planeswalkers. Using five different colors of magic, players do battle with one another using customized card decks that contain creatures, spells, artifacts and other fantasy elements.

The game was so popular in the 1990's, I still know people who play it to this day. I gave it a go as I mentioned, but it wasn't for me. The art I must say is pretty amazing though; it definitely has the ingredients for a feature adaptation. There are no plot details for Magic yet, but if you played the game, how do you feel about this move to the big screen?

Source: Deadline



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